Books & Articles

This reading list is intended as a guide to some further resources about the North Sea oil and gas industry in general. Those publications asterisked are available in the University of Aberdeen’s Sir Duncan Rice Library or the Special Collections reference library. Please click here to search the library catalogue.


  • Kemp, A. (2012) The Official History of North Sea Oil and Gas (Vol. I: The growing dominance of the state and Vol. II: Moderating the state's role) * 
  • Alvarez, A. (1986) Offshore: a North Sea journey *
  • Cooper, B. & T. F. Gaskell (1976) The Adventure of North Sea Oil
  • Cresswell, J & S. Gibb (2000) Black Gold and the Silver City: The oil revolution in Aberdeen and the north of Scotland, 1965-2000 *
  • Cresswell, J & S. Gibb (2010) Black and Green Gold: Aberdeen's continuing role in the energy revolution *
  • Gjerde, K. Ø. (2009) Crossing boundaries: Frigg industrial heritage *
  • Harvie, C (1994) Fool's Gold: The story of North Sea oil * 
  • Jordan, A.G. (2001) Shell, Greenpeace and the Brent Spar *
  • Joshi, R. & T. Samstag (2006) North Sea Saga: The oil age in Norway *
  • Mackie, B. (2004) The Oilmen: The North Sea tigers *
  • Mackie, B. (2006) Klondykers: The oilmen onshore
  • Shepherd, M (2015) Oil Strike North Sea: A first-hand history of North Sea oil *
  • Smith, N. J. (2011) The Sea of Lost Opportunity: North Sea oil and gas, British industry and the Offshore Supplies Office *
  • Staerck, G. (ed.) (1999) The Development of North Sea Oil and GasInstitute of Contemporary British History Witness Seminar Programme
  • Taylor, S. J. (2005) Oilwork: North Sea Diaries *

Economics & Politics

  • Boschat, J.R. (1975) 'Construction under way on first of Frigg Field subsea gas lines', Pipe Line Industry, July, pp. 25-27 *
  • Bourne W., C. Gimingham, N. Morgan & R. Britton (1973) 'The Loch of Strathbeg', Nature, Vol 242 No 5393, pp. 93-95 *
  • Gray, A.W. & A.G. Kemp (1988) An economic analysis of petroleum exploitation terms in Ireland, the UK, Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands *
  • Hahn-Pedersen, M. (1999) A. P. Møller and the Danish Oil
  • More, C. (2009) Black Gold: Britain and oil in the twentieth century
  • Noreng, Ø. (1980) The oil industry and government strategy in the North Sea *
  • Parra, F. (2004) Oil Politics: A modern history of petroleum

Corporate Histories


  • Bamberg, J. (1994) The History of British Petroleum - Volume 2: The Anglo-Iranian Years, 1928 – 1954
  • Bamberg, J. (2000) The History of British Petroleum - Volume 3: British Petroleum and Global Oil, 1950-1975: The Challenge of Nationalism
  • Ferrier, R.W. (1982) The History of British Petroleum - Volume 1: The Developing Years, 1901-1932 *
  • Longhurst, H. (1959) Adventure in Oil, the story of British Petroleum *
  • Pratt, J. (2000) Prelude to Merger: A history of Amoco Corporation, 1973-1998
  • Ritchie, B. (1995) Portrait in Oil: An illustrated history of BP 

Brown & Root

  • Pratt, J.A., Y. Priest & C. J. Castaneda (1997) Offshore Pioneers, Brown & Root and the history of offshore oil and gas

Burmah Oil Company

  • Corley, T. A. B. (1983) A History of the Burmah Oil Company, Volume 1: 1886-1924 *
  • Corley, T. A. B. (1988) A History of the Burmah Oil Company, Volume 2: 1924-1966


  • ChevronTexaco (2004) ‘Our 125 Years: A celebration of people, partnership and performance, 1879–2004’, CVX The Global Chevron Texaco magazine Vol 3 No 3 *


  • Banham, U. (2000) Conoco: 125 Years of Energy
  • WertzW. C. (ed.) (1983) Phillips – The First 66 Years, 1917-1983

Craig Group

  • Cresswell, J. (2003) Time & Tide, The Story of the Craig Group: 70 Years of Excellence, 1933-2003


  • Davis, R., W. Hale & M. Long (2007) One Hundred Twenty-Five Years of History: ExxonMobil


  • Howarth, S. (1997) A Century in Oil: The “Shell” Transport and Trading Company 1897-1997 *
  • Howarth, S., J. Jonker, K. Sluyterman & J. L. van Zanden (2007) A History of Royal Dutch 

Standard Oil Company

  • Dedmon, E. (1984) Challenge and Response: A modern history of Standard Oil Company (Indiana)
  • Giddens, P. H. (1955) Standard Oil Company (Indiana): Oil pioneer of the Middle West *


  • Lerøen, B. V. (2002) Drops of Black Gold: Statoil, 1972-2002 *


  • Roche, F. (translated: E. Powis) (2004) Total Fina Elf - the French Major

Piper Alpha

  • McGinty, S. (2008) Fire in the Night: The Piper Alpha disaster *
  • Matsen, B. (2011) Death and Oil: A true story of the Piper Alpha disaster on the North Sea
  • Piper Alpha public inquiry, 19 January 1989 - 15 February 1990 (transcripts of evidence heard at the enquiry, 180 volumes). * [Held in the OP Filing Cabinet, Taylor Library, University of Aberdeen, shelfmark OP 342.52 Cul]
  • Piper Alpha public inquiry: submissions of the Counsel to the inquiry. * [Held in the OP Filing Cabinet, Taylor Library, University of Aberdeen, shelfmark OP 342.52 Cul]
  • Piper Alpha public inquiry: submissions on behalf of Score (UK) Limited. * [Held in the OP Filing Cabinet, Taylor Library, University of Aberdeen, shelfmark OP 342.52 Cul]

Theses held at the University of Aberdeen

  • Hallwood, C. P. (1988) A transaction cost approach to contracting in two industries: offshore oil supply and primary copper
  • Mackie, W (2001) The impact of North Sea oil on the north east of Scotland, 1969-2000
  • Pike, W. (1993) The impact of North Sea oil on the Scottish economy
  • Smith, N.J. (2008) The Offshore Supplies Office and the British industrial response to the development of North Sea oil and gas, 1963-1993